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Lukasz Birycki

Lukasz Birycki


Languages: English, Polish

8+ years of experience

In addition to being a licensed-DHA therapist, Lukasz holds a degree in Physiotherapy, which he obtained from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

Over eight years of work experience have enabled him always to choose the right treatment suitable to each patient’s case. Lukasz has consistently built relationships with his patients based on confidence and trust.

Lukasz completed three schools for manual therapy – Stecco, Cyriax, and Typaldos. Moreover, he attended courses in functional, health, and kettlebell training as well as Pilates.

Lukasz has been related to sports ever since a young age. It’s a crucial element of his treatments.
He specializes in treating chronic and recurring pain, headaches, and motion disorders. Lukasz also works closely with patients who have pre- and post-operative conditions.

In addition to being excellent at treating his patients’ problems and conditions, Lukasz is a great fan of prevention. He invites you for a regular physiotherapy check-up.

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