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Shehab Eldafrawi

Shehab Eldafrawi


Languages: Arabic, English

5 years of experience

Shehab Aldafrawi is a DOH Physiotherapist and ANF Therapist. He obtained his bachelor’s of physical therapy from the university of Sharjah, UAE. He has been working since to improve and build both his assessment and treatment skills. He is practicing manual therapy, dry needling, sports rehab and Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy which enabled him to accurately diagnose and treat variety of cases which significantly improve his patients’ quality of life and help them live pain free e.g. musculoskeletal pain ,neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee and ankle pain etc.

With his detailed examination, Shehab is focused on finding and treating the root cause of the issue and the main source of the pain.

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    Arabic, English